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MNG Laboratories Now Accepting Reassessment of Sample Data

Evaluating your patient’s genetic data is critical to making important decisions and diagnosis. Changes to interpretations based on new findings and publications are an important part of characterizing and treating disorders of genetic origin and are critical to any laboratory relationship. We have reassessed samples run here at MNG on an ad-hoc basis and, as this service grows, we are pleased to provide a formal process to have your MNG data reassessed. MNG Laboratories understands the importance of reassessing data, especially as we continually update our processes, panels and test offerings based on the latest information and technology available. We also understand that, sometimes, a second opinion can help when you’d like your data, processed elsewhere, to be analyzed by the experts at MNG.

As of May 31, 2017, MNG Laboratories is proud to offer reassessment services of your genetic testing data! 

Our service offering covers the following data sets for reassessment:
  • Samples processed by MNG Laboratories:
    • MNG Exome™
    • MNG Panels
    • Variants
  • Samples processed outside of MNG Laboratories:
    • Exome
    • Variants
We utilize our proprietary bioinformatics pipeline, Genome MaNaGer™, and our Neurogenetic Answers™ reporting process to provide you with expert analysis and first-in-class reporting that provides actionable results you can count on.

MNG Announces First Ever MNG Healthy Exome™

MNG Laboratories is proud to launch our new MNG Healthy Exome™, an innovative new screening test that will offer healthy individuals a comprehensive overview of their genetic makeup . Read our full press release here.

Introducing Our Most Robust Muscular Dystrophy/Myopathy Panels

Muscular dystrophies and myopathies are complex conditions and we strive to stay at the forefront of genetics to provide you with the best answers possible. The correct genetic diagnosis is vital to the patient meaning pinpointing treatment options and therapies, and opening up the possibility of clinical trial enrollment downstream. MNG Laboratories has made substantial improvements in our ability to search for and identify the known pathogenic variants likely to cause Muscular Dystrophy and Muscular Myopathy. We routinely review over 9,200 disease causing variants in genes associated with conditions that are linked to muscular dystrophy; that’s approximately 145% more than our closest competitor and as much as 11 times that of others. We include mtDNA and Deletion/Duplication analysis to provide you with the most comprehensive testing possible.

Comprehensive Muscular Dystrophy/Myopathy Panel

Understanding that a comprehensive panel may not always be necessary, we also updated 3 of our existing subpanels to cover more genes and ensure greater identification of known pathogenic variants: In addition, we have introduced 4 new subpanels to our muscular dystrophy portfolio: Our robust portfolio allows you the opportunity to choose between a comprehensive phenotype-driven panel or a more targeted syndrome-specific panel. We also include Copy Number Analysis and mtDNA sequencing and deletion/duplication analysis to provide you with the most clinically sensitive testing possible.