Redefining Your Comprehensive Intellectual Disability Panel

MNG Laboratories understands the importance of having a robust Comprehensive Intellectual Disability Panel to provide the answers your patients need. Our complete offering guarantees coverage of all pathogenic variants in the most relevant genes while providing single-exon resolution copy number analysis. We routinely review over 15,600 disease causing variants in genes associated with conditions that are linked to intellectual disability. That’s over 18% more than our closest competitor. Knowing how important time is to you and your patients, we deliver results in 2-4 weeks and offer a STAT option for results guaranteed within 2 weeks. We strive to give you the best answers possible when you trust us with your patients’ samples. MNG constantly endeavors to provide you with actionable results. Utilizing our proprietary Genome MaNaGer™ pipeline and Neurogenetic Answers™ reporting process, we aim to reduce the distraction of unrelated variants of uncertain significance.