Meet Our Senior Genetic Counselor: Ymkje Cuperus, MS

Ymkje Cuperus, MS Senior Genetic Counselor We are excited to announce that Ymkje Cuperus, MS has joined MNG Laboratories as our Senior Genetic Counselor! Ymkje hails from the Netherlands and obtained her RN at UMC Sint Radboud Nijmegen, her BHA in Health Management at Hogeschool Arnhem/Nijmegen, and her MS in Health Science at Utrecht University. She obtained her genetic counseling training at UMC Utrecht and is a founding member of the Dutch Genetic Counselor’s Society. Ymkje was most recently with EGL Genetics where she spent the past 8 years in various genetic counseling roles and served departments such as the biochemical, molecular and cytogenetic divisions.  Before coming to the US in 2009, Ymkje was a clinical genetic counselor at the University Medical Center at Utrecht and prior to entering the genetic counselor field, she worked as a Sr. Nurse Manager at Groot Klimmendaal, Children Rehabilitation Center, where she supervised nursing care and rehabilitation for children and their families. Ymkje has developed a strong reputation and interest in the fields of molecular testing that are an excellent fit for MNG.  With over 20 years’ experience in the field of genetic counseling, we warmly welcome Ymkje to our team and look forward to her helping us make a difference for the patients we all serve in neurogenetics.