Expanded SCA Repeat Expansion Testing Now Available

Approximately 50-80% of ataxia cases are caused by repeat expansions, which are not detected by standard sequencing analysis. We recently launched the addition of the 5 most common SCA repeat expansions into our Ataxia/Episodic Ataxia Panels to meet this need. To further support our comprehensive ataxia options and provide the most sensitive testing possible, MNG Laboratories has further expanded our SCA repeat expansion portfolio to include SCAs 8, 10, 12, 17, 36 and DRPLA. MNG Laboratories is proud to announce the launch of 3 new tests: We also went ahead and updated two of our existing NGS panels to reflect our expanded SCA portfolio:   We strive to give you the best answers possible when you trust us with your patients’ samples. MNG constantly endeavors to provide you with actionable results. Utilizing our proprietary Genome MaNaGer™ pipeline and Neurogenetic Answers™ reporting process, we aim to reduce the distraction of unrelated variants of uncertain significance.