Updates to Selected NGS Panels

MNG Laboratories announces content updates to several next-generation sequencing panels based on recent ClinVar data. All of our NGS panels include copy number analysis in order to provide the most clinically sensitive testing possible. Our complete offering guarantees coverage of all pathogenic variants in the most relevant genes.

Comprehensive Epilepsy Panel

Comprehensive Muscular Dystrophy/Myopathy Panel


Comprehensive Intellectual Disabilty Panel

Ataxia/Episodic Ataxia Panel

Spastic Paraplegia Panel

We strive to give you the best answers possible when you trust us with your patients’ samples and endeavor to provide you with actionable results. Utilizing our proprietary Genome MaNaGer™ pipeline and Neurogenetic Answers™ reporting process, we aim to reduce the distraction of unrelated variants of uncertain significance.