MNG Laboratories Adds the Most Comprehensive Neuropathy Panel to Their Extensive Portfolio of Hereditary Neuropathy Testing

At MNG Laboratories, our goal is to ensure that our test offerings continue to stay at the forefront of genetics. We are excited to announce significant improvements to our neuropathies portfolio.
Our neuropathies portfolio now includes a Comprehensive Neuropathies Panel that includes 629 genes and 14,750 pathogenic variants associated with conditions linked to hereditary neuropathies. This panel includes mtDNA sequencing and deletion analysis, and deletion/duplication of nuclear genes to provide you with the most comprehensive testing possible.
With our Neuropathy portfolio expansion, adding genes doesn’t always mean adding cost. See below for new lower test costs in our Charcot-Marie Tooth portfolio: All of our next-generation sequencing panels include single-exon resolution copy number analysis to provide you the most clinically sensitive testing possible.