Now Introducing RNA Sequencing Services

MNG Transcriptome™ is a cutting-edge, powerful analysis tool using RNA sequencing to determine what effect, if any, a VUS may have on the transcription of RNA from DNA, especially those found in splice site regions. This analysis is commonly used in cancer diagnostics, but can be applied to any phenotype to assess the functional impact of a variant on gene expression. MNG understands that our clients are looking for answers and sometimes the answer to the most challenging diagnostic cases require the most sophisticated tools. The MNG Transcriptome™ is now available and we believe will become a valuable added feature to our growing portfolio. There are three ways to use MNG’s expertise in RNA sequencing, all with 2-4 week turnaround time:
  1. MNG Transcriptome – Full Analysis: Complete RNA transcriptome sequencing that can be ordered at the time of initial testing as a reflex to any NGS panel, or in conjunction with our MNG ExomeTM.
  2. Gene-Specific RNA Sequencing: Analysis of one or up to five genes for variant investigation following a report with a VUS identified in a splice site or intronic region, or the variant is noted to have a potential effect on splicing.
Exclusive to MNG panels, we provide services to the following:
  1. Panel-Specific RNA Sequencing: Transcriptome analysis can be ordered as an add-on to any of our NGS panels and will only include the analysis of genes listed in the panel.
These tests have been validated on the following tissue types:
  • Blood
  • Muscle biopsies
  • Fibroblasts and lymphoid cell lines
Please call MNG Laboratories prior to ordering transcriptome testing due to its clinical relevance to the patient, which tissue type is required, and logistical coordination of sending a specimen for RNA extraction which requires a separate specimen collection process.