MNG announces the MNG Xpress Exome™

MNG is pleased to announce the availability of the MNG Xpress Exome™ with results in 10-14 days, and exciting updates to the MNG Exome™

Exome sequencing is a powerful diagnostic tool that has proven clinical utility to identify mutations in Mendelian disorders that are both genetically and phenotypically heterogeneous. For clinical situations that demand the fastest turnaround time, MNG is pleased to offer the MNG Xpress Exome™ with results in 10-14 days. Most labs offer a premium cost for a STAT result, but MNG offers this service at an economical cost of $4,895 for Trio testing and $3,295 for Proband only testing.

The Value of Reanalysis

As whole exome sequencing (WES) becomes more routinely used for the diagnosis of genetic disorders, MNG recognizes the importance of routine reanalysis of previously generated WES data. With our knowledge of genetics and bioinformatics growing rapidly, MNG plans to stay on top of these improvements and make keeping up with the latest information as easy as possible to assist with patient care.

Effective immediately, any MNG Exome™ (including Xpress) ordered in the past or future will be eligible for full reanalysis 6 months after the issuance of the initial report, and once per 12 month period thereafter. All data will be re-evaluated, not just classification updates to previously reported variants, including copy number changes and newly identified variants. Please feel free to call or email us for any additional details.

The MNG Exome™ is already trusted as the most comprehensive and fastest exome available with a TAT of 2-4 weeks. We are pleased to announce a more economical price for an MNG Exome™ Trio at $4,395 and Proband only at $2,795. The MNG Exome™ includes 100% coverage of expert approved variants, copy number analysis, mtDNA sequencing + deletion and heteroplasmy assessment, and detection of uniparental disomy.

Read more about our MNG Exome™ on our website.