Peter L. Nagy, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Nagy is internationally recognized for investigating the pathogenesis of neurological disorders and developing tools for their molecular characterization and diagnosis. Over the last decade of his career, he acted as Principal Investigator on multiple NIH funded studies and trained over twenty postdoctoral fellows and pathologists in molecular pathology.

Dr. Nagy is board certified in Anatomic and Molecular Genetic Pathology. He received his MD degree from the University of Pecs, Hungary in 1989. His interest in pursuing a career as a physician scientist led him to Purdue University, where he worked under the mentorship of Dr. Howard Zalkin and made important discoveries relating to folate and purine metabolism in bacteria. He earned his PhD in Biochemistry in 1995.

Subsequently, he completed an Anatomic Pathology residency and a Molecular Genetic Pathology fellowship at Stanford University, followed by postdoctoral research training in Michael Cleary’s laboratory. Dr. Nagy purified and functionally characterized the first known histone methyltransferase complex from S. cerevisiae (Set1) in collaboration with Dr. Roger Kornberg. This discovery lead to identification of the MLL oncogene as a histone methyltransferase and provided a functional model for the pathogenesis of mixed lineage leukemias.

Before joining MNG in 2016, Dr. Nagy served as Associate Director of the Personalized Genomic Medicine Laboratory in the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology at Columbia University Medical Center. He has established an array of clinical next-generation sequencing tests both for constitutional and cancer samples including whole exome and transcriptome testing. At MNG he is continuing his groundbreaking work on developing computational tools to improve the clinical specificity and sensitivity of next-generation sequencing data analysis and mutation reporting.