Terry Conrad

President/Chief Executive Officer

Terry has over 29 years of experience in healthcare with a track record of making companies more efficient, productive, profitable, and global. A significant portion of Terry’s career has been in pharmaceuticals holding various positions in marketing, sales, business development and overseas operations with Parke‐Davis, Bayer AG and Lederle Laboratories.

Prior to joining MNG, Terry was the president and CEO of Santus, a portfolio healthcare firm owned by HealthEdge Investment Partners and Ambassador Enterprises. He became affiliated with HealthEdge in 2009 as a member of the board of directors of Advanced Bio-Technologies, which was sold to UK-based Sinclair Pharmaceuticals in 2011. He currently serves as an Operating Partner at HealthEdge.

In 2010 Terry opened the US subsidiary and became President of Photocure US, a Norwegian based specialty pharmaceutical firm focused on photodynamic therapies in dermatology and cancer diagnostics. Prior to that he was the President and CEO of Merz Pharmaceuticals’ U.S. division, where he and his team grew annual sales from $20.0 million to $75.0 million through organic growth.

Terry received his Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing at the University of Minnesota.