MNG Moves to Exome-Backbone Sequencing

MNG is excited to announce the launch of 15 new next-generation sequencing (NGS) panels. In an effort to meet the needs of our clients, we are introducing a Comprehensive Hearing Loss panel and a Comprehensive Vision Loss & Eye Disorders panel, both including mtDNA analysis. Additional panels include Dysautonomia, various genetic brain malformation panels, and […]

Discontinuation of Tests MET22 and MET25, Folate Receptor Antibody Assay, in Plasma/Serum and CSF

Due to a manufacturer reagent change, MNG will discontinue testing for Folate Receptor Antibodies. Alternative diagnostic testing is available at MNG for cerebral folate deficiency, characterized by a lack of B-vitamin folate (vitamin B-9) in the brain; see 5-methyltetrahydrofolate analysis in CSF (NC01) and FOLR1 gene sequencing (MOL166). MNG will discontinue MET22 in plasma/serum and […]

Discontinuation of test NC09, 4-Hydroxybutyric acid (CSF)

Succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase (SSADH) deficiency is a disorder affecting GABA metabolism. This disorder is generally diagnosed by the finding of elevated levels of gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) in urine using standard organic acid analysis. When MNG established CSF GHB testing (NC09), the urine organic acid procedures used in many laboratories were not specific enough to […]

Decoding Neurogenetic Answers- Case Study #4

Patient Clinical Information: The patient is a 13 year-old female reported to have tuberous sclerosis and seizures, slowly progressive loss of milestones over the last year, increased agitation and fevers, and decreased oral intake. The patient is confined to a wheelchair and has constant writhing and spastic movements accompanied by arching and intense muscle contraction […]

Solving Challenging Cases: An MNG Webinar Series

As part of MNG Laboratories’ dedication to continued education, we are committing to a periodic Challenging Cases webinar series to complement our MNG Answers™ program. Each quarter we will present our most challenging cases and explain how advanced sequencing technologies improved the clinical sensitivity of the testing, and led to a diagnostic answer. MNG Laboratories’ […]

Decoding Neurogenetic Answers- Case #3

Patient Clinical Information: The proband is a 6 year-old female with a primary clinical phenotype of intellectual disability. Additionally, it was noted that the proband has proximal and distal weakness, muscle atrophy, and severe hypotonia. She has absent osteotendinous reflexes and severe hypoacusia (hearing loss). A thin corpus callosum was also noted on the patient’s […]

Decoding Neurogenetic Answers- Case Study #2

Patient Clinical Information: The proband is a 6-year-old female with developmental delays including speech and motor delays, subtle dysmorphic features including close set eyes, low set ears and wide space between toes, decreased IQ and staring episodes concerning for seizures. Family History: There is no reported family history for this case. Testing Ordered: MNG Exome™ […]

Decoding Neurogenetic Answers- Case Study #1

Patient Clinical Information: The proband is an 18-month-old female presenting with developmental delays and multiple dysmorphic features. Previous testing identified two known pathogenic variants linked to acyl CoA dehydrogenase deficiency. Family History: The proband’s mother reports a history of hypoglycemia and epilepsy since childhood, both of which are not currently seen in the proband. Testing […]

Challenging Cases and Advanced Sequencing Technologies: Improving the Clinical Sensitivity of Genetic Testing

Join MNG Laboratories’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Peter L. Nagy, and the Clinical Reporting Team as they present multiple case studies illustrating the value of using complementary testing and data analysis methods to increase the clinical sensitivity of MNG’s genetic testing portfolio. The team will highlight cases solved through the application of high resolution CNV […]

MNG Answers™

MNG is driven to help our healthcare partners, patients, and families find the answers they need when it comes to a diagnosis. MNG has solutions allowing economical reflex options to further investigate negative or inconclusive results. MNG Variant Investigation Program (MNG VIP™) No-cost familial testing for qualifying variants found in NGS and single gene testing […]