Challenging Cases and Advanced Sequencing Technologies: Improving the Clinical Sensitivity of Genetic Testing

Join MNG Laboratories’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Peter L. Nagy, and the Clinical Reporting Team as they present multiple case studies illustrating the value of using complementary testing and data analysis methods to increase the clinical sensitivity of MNG’s genetic testing portfolio. The team will highlight cases solved through the application of high resolution CNV […]

MNG Answers™

MNG is driven to help our healthcare partners, patients, and families find the answers they need when it comes to a diagnosis. MNG has solutions allowing economical reflex options to further investigate negative or inconclusive results. MNG Variant Investigation Program (MNG VIP™) No-cost familial testing for qualifying variants found in NGS and single gene testing […]

MNG announces the MNG Xpress Exome™

MNG is pleased to announce the availability of the MNG Xpress Exome™ with results in 10-14 days, and exciting updates to the MNG Exome™ Exome sequencing is a powerful diagnostic tool that has proven clinical utility to identify mutations in Mendelian disorders that are both genetically and phenotypically heterogeneous. For clinical situations that demand the […]

SPF Foundation & MNG Laboratories Joint Webinar

MNG Laboratories is joined the Spastic Paraplegia Foundation in a webinar to help educate patients on the testing options and genetic implications of Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. Attendees will gain insights into HSP from a genetic and physiological perspective, how genetic testing works, and the best resources after a diagnosis. For the webinar recording, please click […]

MNG Announces New Test Updates

The most common mutation, seen in >95% of Friedreich ataxia (FRDA) patients, is a GAA triplet-repeat expansion in intron 1 of the FXN gene. Individuals with less than 500 repeats often have a later age of onset compared to patients with greater than 600 repeats. The presence of leg muscle weakness/wasting, duration until wheelchair use, […]

MNG Laboratories™ Adds Complementary mtDNA Genome Analysis to ID/Autism NGS Panels

Recent studies[1][2] have suggested a connection between mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and autism. At MNG Laboratories™, we strive to offer a comprehensive portfolio of tests to provide your patients with the answers they need. Our philosophy of offering mtDNA sequencing and deletion analysis to many of our sequencing panels has resulted in a 15.1% increase in […]

Update on Neurotransmitter Disorders

Dr. Keith Hyland will provide an overview of Serotonin and Catecholamine metabolism, explain how disorders affecting these neurotransmitters are diagnosed within the laboratory and provide an update on the inherited diseases that affect this area of neuro-metabolism. To view webinar recording, click here.

Now Introducing the MNGenome®

MNG is proud to announce the launch of the MNGenome®. This new test sequences the entire human genome, making it our most comprehensive clinical diagnostic test ever. The MNGenome® provides greater sensitivity than whole exome sequencing, since approximately 20% of known pathogenic variants are outside the exon boundaries. The MNGenome® is a comprehensive approach to diagnosis […]