About MNG Laboratories

MNG Laboratories is an internationally recognized clinical diagnostic leader specializing in neurogenetic and complex biochemical testing. We are committed to a patient-centered testing menu, high-quality diagnostics, and first-in-class reporting driven by our Genome MaNaGer® analysis pipeline. Our customized reporting process helps us stay at the forefront of the evolving genetics field. Our team-based approach to data interpretation ensures we provide actionable results on the variants that cause or are likely to cause disease. Our comprehensive approach to diagnostics is accompanied by a team of customer support and scientific personnel available to answer your questions regarding our process, technology, and reports.

With over 15 years of neurogenetic experience, and powered by a culture of discovery and advancement, MNG Laboratories delivers results that make a difference for patients and their families.

Why MNG?

+Expert Decision Making
Functional information about genes and variants are obtained from peer-reviewed literature, model organisms, and in silico modeling. Our unique approach and proprietary process to evaluating the significance of genetic changes center on the concept of genetic disorders as a disease of molecular systems, rather than individual genes.
+Comprehensive Tests
We offer a comprehensive set of sequencing panels and functional assays which span over 1,700 genes, in addition to our proprietary MNG Exome™. Our next-generation sequencing panels are guaranteed to cover all regions with known pathogenic variants, in addition to providing single-exon resolution copy number analysis. To improve diagnostic sensitivity, clinically relevant panels also include mitochondrial DNA testing, deletion analysis, and repeat expansion testing. We offer custom panels upon request.
+Proprietary Genome MaNaGer® Database
Our database ensures high specificity and sensitivity of variant detection and interpretation. Our relational databases of clinical, metabolic, biochemical, and genetic data deliver insights that drive clinical diagnosis and treatment, empowering us to provide a differential diagnosis based on each patient’s unique clinical features.
+First-in-class Reporting
MNG Laboratories offers CLIA and CAP compliant reports that adhere to current ACMG guidelines and recommendations. Utilizing our Genome MaNaGer® pipeline, our proprietary database provides actionable results and minimizes variants of unknown significance. We report variants that are either certain or likely to cause a condition based on available scientific evidence and clinical information provided with the sample. Our specially trained reporting team relies on our in-house curated database consisting of over 10,000 data sets from patients with neurological and muscular disorders, providing relevant variant classification.
+Fast Turnaround Times
Our next-generation sequencing panels, molecular tests, and whole exome sequencing have an industry-leading turnaround time of 2-4 weeks. Our neurochemistry & metabolic tests have a turnaround time of 10-14 days. Understanding that time is important, we have STAT options available.
+Medical Professional Consultation
Our team consists of highly experienced MDs and PhDs with varied and complementary backgrounds. We provide personal service via phone and email access to our team to help with test selection and results interpretation.
+Daily Push Toward Innovation
MNG Laboratories regularly updates our next-generation sequencing panels based on the latest publications and information available from numerous online databases. Our ongoing internal Research and Development efforts focus on improving diagnosis of rare and genetic diseases to help improve our test catalog and refine our processes to bring you the answers you expect from the leader in neurogenetics.

Company History

  • 2018:

    • Launched the MNGenome®, whole genome sequencing analysis
    • Launch of MNG Answers™ programs including no-cost familial variant testing (MNG VIP™) and reflex options for negative panels and MNG Exome™
    • Introduced MNG STAT services for whole exome and whole genome sequencing, with results guaranteed in 10-14 days
  • 2017:

    • Expanded commercial operations to improve overall support to local clients and foundation partners
    • Increased pathogenic coverage across the company’s next-generation sequencing panel offerings
    • Launched the industry’s first commercially available clinical RNA sequencing service
    • Established a Scientific Advisory Board of internationally recognized experts
    • Launched the industry’s first exome test that guarantees coverage of all pathogenic variants that are practice guideline and expert panel reviewed in ClinVar
  • 2016:

    • CAP Accreditation received
    • Redefined ‘comprehensive’ by adding copy number, mtDNA testing, and repeat expansion analysis to clinically relevant panels
    • Developed MNG Genome MaNaGer® to improve variant calling
    • Introduced the MNG Exome™ family of products, including the first ever MNG Carrier Exome™ to address unmet needs in the carrier testing market
  • 2015:

    • Rebranded as MNG Laboratories™ and began a relationship with the private equity group HealthEdge Investment Partners, investing in equipment and infrastructure to advance the company’s growth plan
  • 2013:

    • Improved diagnostic capabilities by offering repeat expansion testing for selected disorders
  • 2012:

    • Introduced our first next-generation sequencing panels
  • 2011:

    • Began offering Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA) for deletion/duplication testing in certain genes
  • 2010:

    • Medical Neurogenetics, LLC grew national and international institutional referrals to over several hundred clients
    • Initiated collaboration with a biotherapeutics company to characterize drug candidates for the treatment of mitochondrial disease and dysfunction
    • Received recognition for autism research program as one of the top 10 advances in the field of autism
  • 2008:

    • Rebranded as ‘Medical Neurogenetics, LLC’ to establish the company’s focus on neurogenetic disease
  • 2001:

    • Our clinical laboratory and research program began