White Papers

  • RNA Sequencing: Case Studies & Clinical Relevance
  • Clinical Indications for Transcriptome Testing

Accepted Abstracts and Posters


  • RNA Sequencing as a Complementary Diagnostic Tool to Traditional Sequencing Methods
  • The Role of Whole Genome Sequencing in Clinical Diagnosis


  • Complementary Test Methods Needed to Improve Clinical Sensitivity of Genetic Testing
  • RNA Sequencing: Improving Diagnostic and Therapeutic Outcomes for Genetic Testing
  • Combining Repeat Expansion Testing With NGS Phenotype Based Panels Provides Significant Diagnostic Benefits of NGS


  • Mitochondrial Genome Sequencing in Phenotype-Based Panels and Exome Sequencing Increases Test Sensitivity
  • Protocols to Keep NGS Gene Panels and Annotation Content Current
  • Single Exon Resolution Copy Number Analysis Significantly Increases Clinical Sensitivity of NGS


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