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MNG has experience working with clients across the globe. Working with our MD- and PhD-level personnel, our research partners enjoy expert guidance and the highest quality interpretation and recommendations possible, while also benefiting from our diverse support for all phases and types of research and development. Your objectives become our objectives.

Extensive Diagnostic and Functional Capabilities to Fit Your Needs

Our test menu includes over 500 tests/panels, thousands of genes, and the most comprehensive neuro/biochemical portfolio available. Our services are customizable and include:
  • MNGenome® & MNGenome STAT™
  • MNG Exome™ & MNG STAT Exome™
  • Sequencing – NGS and Capillary Electrophoresis
  • Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing, Deletion, and Depletion Analyses
  • Repeat Expansions
  • Biochemical Assays (CSF, Plasma, Urine)
  • RNA Sequencing
  • Whole Genome Methylation
  • Enzymology Testing

MNG is a key R&D team member that provides value to its clients

  • We are experts in neurogenetics; our laboratory team is focused on providing the right answers to your research challenges
  • Flexibility to develop custom tests that ensure the right answers are provided to critical questions– our speed and accuracy for test development can meet project timelines and scalability and allow for very competitive pricing
  • Complete test results with first-in-class reporting and expert interpretation; we also compile data and send summary reports for research based projects
  • Fast turnaround times support the sense of urgency our pharma and biotech clients have when developing new therapies
  • We understand the long-term objectives to develop strong KOL support for product development, and personal service to your internal and external development teams
  • MNG has a passion for rare diseases, their causes, and a mission to treat

Assess drug efficacy in patients with known heritable diseases

MNG performs genetic testing and functional assays on individual patients to help determine how effective or ineffective a particular drug may be. This is for patients that have variants in defined genes or pathways; ideal when needing to validate the efficacy of drugs that have already gained approval, or monitoring patient outcomes.

Identify patients for clinical trials

Through genetic sequencing analysis, we can help identify the specific type of patients who could benefit from drug therapy. Anonymous patient data can be provided, and assistance with physician outreach to help recruit participants and partners for clinical studies. By selecting genetically qualified participants, clinical development time can be shortened and costs lowered.

Identify relevant sample types for drugs in development

By leveraging the immense number of well-characterized biological samples of previously diagnosed patients with rare genetic diseases in our sample bank, we are able to assess the positive or negative effects of drugs on different genetic and clinical backgrounds. We have a world-class inventory of 18,000 cerebrospinal fluid, 31,000 DNA, and over 4,800 muscle samples obtained from patients with a variety of neurological disorders. Utilizing complex functional and biochemical assays, we are able to form a comprehensive picture of a drug’s effect on individual and multiple sample types, keeping in mind that a drug may have a different effect on individual systems. Results can provide direction that has the potential to save millions on clinical trial costs.

MNG’s Proprietary Genome MaNaGer® Bioinformatics and Reporting Process Provides First-in-Class Results

  • Accurate and fast analysis of WES/WGS/NGS raw data
  • Comprehensive & robust – Combines information from many trusted and routinely updated databases, along with >5 years of proprietary NGS data analysis and variant findings on over 15,000 rare disease cases
  • Designed with clinical use and efficiency in mind – Follows ACMG guidelines and limits excessive VUS calls by using a phenotype-driven approach
  • Our methodologies are well-validated and our lab is fully compliant with CLIA and CAP standards
  • Reporting is continually being improved by the incorporation of the most recent scientific literature

Leverage our expertise and assets to support your research efforts.

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