Our Team Supports Research & Development in a Range of Institutions

Equipped with advanced research knowledge and cutting-edge testing equipment, the MNG R&D Team endeavors to bring innovation to its test methods and offerings. We leverage extensive diagnostic and investigative techniques to align functional analyses with genetic studies and small molecule analysis across a spectrum of disease categories. Our laboratory leadership has extensive research pedigrees and are committed to maintaining MNG Laboratories’ leadership to get the answers you need to challenging research projects. We have built custom research tools and tests to meet the most demanding objectives.

Government Agencies


University Research Labs

Pharma Biotechnology

Indispensable Flexibility, Expertise, and Accuracy

Working with our MD- and PhD-level personnel, our research partners enjoy expert guidance as well as the highest quality interpretation and recommendations possible with a focus on:



All testing is run in our CLIA- and CAP- certified lab. Our capabilities and reputation mean our results can be trusted.

Sample integrity

Ongoing internal R&D is dedicated to continuously improving sample integrity.


We meet your turnaround times while preserving accuracy and providing quality service.

Leverage our expertise and assets to support your research efforts.

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