MNG AnswersEconomical solutions to end the diagnostic odyssey

MNG is driven to help our healthcare partners, patients, and families to find the answers they need when it comes to a diagnosis. MNG has solutions allowing economical reflex options to further investigate cases with negative or inconclusive results.

The following programs make it simple to reflex NGS panels to more expansive testing such as whole exome or genome sequencing, or advanced RNA sequencing. MNG VIP™, no-cost familial variant testing, is also included in this family of programs. All MNG Answers™ programs are intended to be utilized with testing previously performed at MNG, and may not be used for testing completed at other laboratories. STAT options are not available through these programs, but may be ordered separately.

Familial Testing

MNG VIP™ is a no-cost familial testing service for up to two parents or immediate family members on qualifying variants found through NGS or single gene testing.

Data Reassessment

All MNG Exome™ and MNGenome® testing is eligible for a no-cost, full data reassessment 6 months after the initial report date and once per 12 month period thereafter.

Exome Reflex Options

For those difficult cases unexplained by traditional sequencing methods, we offer whole genome sequencing and RNA sequencing reflex options for all MNG Exome™ testing

Panel Reflex to Exome

When more extensive testing is needed to find a diagnosis, MNG makes it easy to add MNG Exome™ sequencing to any previously ordered NGS panel.