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MNG offers a comprehensive selection of complex biochemical and molecular tests, including a robust portfolio of next-generation sequencing panels. In addition to whole exome sequencing and carrier testing, we also have expertise covering a range of neurological and mitochondrial disorders.

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MNG offers advanced analytics and diagnostic services, provided by our experienced team of MD and PhD experts. We specialize in a comprehensive set of neurological conditions:

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MNG combines internationally recognized expertise in biochemical and molecular testing to create the most comprehensive testing available. In addition to whole genome and exome sequencing, we offer phenotypically driven next-generation sequencing panels that include mtDNA testing, repeat expansion detection, and copy number analysis when relevant. RNA sequencing through the MNG Transcriptome™ complements our test menu, providing an additional level of analysis not offered elsewhere. Combined with our proprietary Genome MaNaGer® bioinformatics pipeline and our Neurogenetic Answers™ reporting process, we meet the dynamic challenges to the most important diagnostic questions and provide answers with industry leading turnaround times.


We believe extraordinary should be expected. With over 15 years of diagnostic experience, MNG strives to deliver added value to our clients’ needs. Our CAP and CLIA certified lab is backed by key elements that set us apart in the clinical laboratory landscape.

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We began working with MNG Laboratories in January 2014 after discovering the wide array of comprehensive genetic tests they offer and their very competitive prices. Their panel for muscular dystrophy, which is our most commonly ordered test, is the largest and it’s definitely the least expensive.

Lauren Brady | Genetic Counsellor, 2H Neuromuscular and Neurometabolic Clinic McMaster University Medical Centre

With their special diagnosis facility, MNG provides a service that largely isn’t replicated in any one company anywhere in the world. From my point of view, it is the go-to lab for anyone investigating a child with an unexplained neurotransmitter disease where a carefully and detailed analysis of spinal fluid is needed to establish diagnosis for a rare disorder. They have done a terrific job of showing the world how spinal fluid analysis can be critical when early treatment may be beneficial

Darryl De Vivo, MD | Child Neurologist Columbia University Medical Centre

MNG is patient-care oriented, which physicians appreciate, and is always willing to consult when unusual questions arise. The ability to consult with the people who helped describe many of these disorders is invaluable. They have a good turnaround time and have always been adaptable to add-on requests. When we call, the MNG staff respond in a timely manner, by phone. That’s hard to find. I feel that accessibility and collaboration is the spirit of the company.

Robert S. Greenwood, MD | Professor of Neurology & Pediatrics, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill